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 Tsubine Zarkonheinz

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PostSubject: Tsubine Zarkonheinz   Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:45 am

Name: Tsubine Zanifir Zarkonheinz

Alias: Nimbus Schterzen, Berlioz

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Arrows/Innovators

Nicknames: Unsung, Red Blitz,


Nationality: German/Japanese

Family: None (Innovator)

Personality: Suave. The one word that describes Tsubine. His words flow with his body language. He knows when to say something and how to say it. He has a knack for being a party animal, but he doesn't go to wild parties, but his are galas, along the more sophisticated track of society. He does have a tenancy to get hot headed when he's stressed. He can be popular with the ladies when he wants to be. And even then, he just wants attention. However, his tenancy to be this charismatic has also lead him to have a cold tone.

However, his main personality is not the one above...that is his public personality.
Tsubine is the person someone like Ali Al-Saachez sees in his nightmares. He received his father's knack for reading body language. He will obey orders to-the-letter, as hes know for dotting his "i's" and crossing his "t's". He will stop at nothing to complete his mission, even it means he dies in the process, many people think he also got that trait from his father.

Mobile Units: (Optional) (If your character pilots a G/MS, MA, or SC)
Gundam/Mobile Suit: GNR-021
Special Characteristics: High Amounts of Training, Innovation.

History/Background Story: Tsubine was "born" on Earth, but he was transported to space soon after. The space cruiser Ilmahn, a space shuttle, was speeding toward an isolated asteroid. His father laid the boy into an escape pod....the only one that worked. Next to him, his father laid his pistol, deconstructed. The escape launched, seconds before the Ilmahn crashed into the asteroid. The Escape pod drifted for a few hours before it landed in a docking bay on the outside of a Solar Power Elevator.

He was just a few weeks old when this happened. His name was etched into a piece of the escape pods. Tsubine Zeurel Zarkonheinz. He was adopted by Lieutenant Hans Gunsche of the 3rd Tactical Experimental MS Squad. He raised him as his own son, strangely they looked a good bit alike.

Hans wasn't a major part of any war, for him being part of a Research team. But Hans sometimes took the young boy with him when in his mobile suit tests. The base commander disagreed with it, but had no say-so in the matter. This continued until one day, when Hans damaged a prototype Tieren. Hans didn't take him out in the tests anymore.

Hans was surprised when he saw Tsubine piloting a mobile suit. He hadn't taught Tsubine how to operate a Mobile Suit yet...How did he know how to operate one? Hans tried to ask the 10 year old, when an explosion rocked the asteroid. Tsubine had a remote in his hand....he had set explosives inside the main factory. We don't need any more weapons of war here... Those were the first words Tsubine had spoken in his life.

Tsubine trained with Hans in hand-to-hand combat, target practice with his pistol, and MS combat with worker mobile suits. Hans was surprised about how good he was. Tsubine won every drill afterward, even unarmed versus a rifle. He was an expert pilot, even being so young.

When the Fourth Solar Power War started, Tsubine was already a trained soldier in the Human Reform League, under the command of Sergei Smirnov. At the battle of Heaven's Pillar, Tsubine was in Squad 4 of the Mobile Suit Division, and was the only person to survive out of the squadron. He piloted a custom Tieren Ground Type with a larger smooth-bore cannon and instead of a carbon blade, its left hand was replaced with a launchable claw. It also had another shield on the right leg. In the battle, he was like a phantom, destroying the units in the forested areas without being seen. After the battle, he was the one to tell Sergei about Holly, and he was recruited into the Sphere's Solidarity Special Forces team. It was a rival to the Chobu team, but it was mainly associated with Sleeper Agent missions, hit-and-run missions, etc.

Sphere's Solidarity's Commander was killed in a battle with the Gundam Meisters from Fereshte, and they needed a new commanding officer. Tsubine was the first and only pick. When the GNX units arrived, Tsubine was chosen to pilot one, but he declined, saying he doesn't need "some fancy new toy". He was going to launch in a prototype Tieren All-Region Type, but he was injured in the approach to Celestial Being's locale.

He became a member of A-LAWS during the 4-year period where Celestial Being was not conducting armed interventions. He disliked how the AHEAD looked, so he piloted a newer GNX-II with dual GN Beam rifles and a white-and-black color scheme. The machine was damaged with another battle with the Fereshte Meisters, and Tsubine went to Billy Katagiri and asked him for a new MS. The request was heard by Ribbons Almark, and Ribbons started the Arche II project, but it was later renamed the Nothingness Project. It was to be able to destroy nearly everything, with multiple ranges of attacks. . He developed the OGNX-021 "Solstice Gundam" as the answer to the Twin Drive. It wasn't as powerful or as fast as the 00, but it had a secret up its sleeve....The GN Hyper Booster. The GN Hyper Booster was a built-in support pack with its own GN Condenser. Tsubine's injuries from the battle over four years ago had caused him to need "medicine", like Louise Halevy. He, however, was able to keep sane. However, he has become a true innovator (by being next to the Twin-Drive's Trans-Am pulse).

Rp Sample:

::The Solstice returned to the docking bay of the Finality without its shield and one of its particle cannons. Tsubine stepped out of the A-LAWS Gundam and looked outside. He noticed that the battle outside with the Coup D'├ętat forces of the Regular Army was beginning to look grim for the A-LAWS 15th Tactical Group. He saw the massive green Mobile Armor in the back of the hangar and smirked::

"I'm taking the Val Varo out...Don't try and stop me."

"Sir, she's already fueled and ready to deploy."

"You guys read me like a book."

::Tsubine climbed into the Mobile Armor's cockpit and started the GN Drive Taus. The red hue of the GN Particles contrasted with the green of the Val Varo. The hangar doors opened and the links attached to the Val Varo released. The massive green Mobile Armor floated for a few seconds, but it seemed like hours for Tsubine. It was the first time the Val Varo was able to launch, and it felt great to be the pilot of the behemoth. Tsubine gazed at the battlefield, as if it was in slow motion.::

"Tsubine Zarkonheinz, Val Varo, taking off. Let the glory of victory be yours!"

::The red GN Particles condensed as the power output increased. The Val Varo shot towards the battlefield, its "helper" arms extended with their GN sabres out. Its main arms were positioned forward, ready for firing. In the cockpit, Tsubine smiled. He pushed the thruster lever to the maximum, letting the Val Varo speed up in one foul swoop. It sped up, heading for the battle ahead...::

Character Theme: Muma the Nightmare - BUCK-TICK or Don't Look Back Again - WAG or Shiro no Jumon - DOA

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PostSubject: Re: Tsubine Zarkonheinz   Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:39 pm

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Tsubine Zarkonheinz
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