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 Ling Zhang

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PostSubject: Ling Zhang   Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:37 pm

Name: Su Weilong

Alias: Ling Zhang

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: HRL

Nicknames: Joker


His eyes, though usually closed, are black. He is about 5'11" and weighs 170 pounds.

Nationality: HRL

Family: Su Baotan (Sister) [Deceased]
Su Baotou (Mother) [Deceased]
Su Baitian (Father) [Amnesiac, physical disability, hospitalized]

Personality: Ling keeps a smile on his face for most (if not all) the time, and while some may think he is doing it to be creepy or just perpetually happy, he is putting up a front, and does it to hide what is going on internally. You know the situation is serious if he stops smiling. He likes to keep things close to the vest and tends to internalize things before speaking them aloud, but there are several instances where he will simply say strange things to throw you off your guard or to keep it up. It is unclear what his motives are for doing this.

Mobile Units:
Gundam/Mobile Suit: HRL mainstay
Mobile Armor: (Optional) (Same as above)
Support Craft: (Optional) (Same as above)

Special Characteristics: Photographic Memory, advanced hearing(not enhanced, just better developed than the average human)

History/Background Story: Su Weilong was born in 2284 A,D. to Su Baotou and Baotian in the HRL. He, along with his older sister Baotan, were raised with the belief that the weak should serve the strong and the strongest should rule all. However, as was proved multiple times one dark night, Baotian got on the wrong side of a gang that he viewed as "weak". So, to prove themselves, they attacked his family one night when Weilong was out with his friends, breaking into the house and dragging his mother, sister and father from their rooms, and raped his mother and sister while forcing Baotian to watch and then killed them. They left after crippling the man and bashing his head which resulted in amnesia.

Later that night when Weilong got home he saw the broken door and rushed inside to see the bodies of his mother and sister and his beaten father lying on the floor and broke down. When he came to he was lying in a hospital bed four days later. It was on that day that he swore to protect the people of the HRL from people like those of the gang.

So, after many months of training, he was fully accepted into the HRL military, at which point he set about tracking down the gang that destroyed his family. And so, just a few weeks later, he found them, and set up scenarios where each member would meet a violent death, except for the leader, who would see everything he had ripped away and he would be crippled just like Weilong's father, except he would retain his mind, so he could dwell on his failure's for the rest of his pathetic life.

By this time, Weilong had already changed his name, feeling that, after his family's killers were brought to justice, that it was time for a new start, so he crafted a new name for himself: Ling Zhang. And where once he was happy and carefree, now he is dark and sadistic.

As of now, he is working for the HRL military as a mobile suit pilot.

Rp Sample: The clouds rolled across the sky as the Tieren charged across the ground its gun blazing as it fired at the small group of rebels in Ceylon and their old Fantons. And while his suit might not be much farther along then them, it is still of far better make and quality and therefore has the advantage. Unfortunately, Ling would not be involved in wiping out the entire rebel army, but he would take what he could get and leave the rest to the Tamil. The Sinhalese were persistent, he had to give them that.

Now, he was not normally into running about in the open firing at a retreating enemy, but this was a special case. He and his comrades had taken down the enemy when this guy came out of nowhere with two incredibly lucky shots and took them both down (not him of course because he is chasing after him). Now, while normally he wouldn't have gone after him, he had been talking to them and he interrupted his conversation, and so here they were, Ling firing his gun, and the rebel running for his life. At one point during this chase, Ling decided that he was tired of running so he pulled his suit to a stop. The Fanton pilot, thinking he had finally gotten the best of his opponent, and turns around, presumably to taunt him. But when he saw the Tieren pull out its bazooka, he knew he was screwed.

The Fanton turned around as fast as it could and ran. But it was not enough. Tiring of toying with his prey, the man nicknamed Joker lifted his bazooka to his suits shoulders, aimed, and fired.

The shell blew across the field and upon impact with the back of the retreating mobile suit, exploded, and so ended the life of another enemy of the Human Reform League.

Returning the bazooka to its carrier, he turned the Tieren around and began the long trek back to base. There was going to be a lot of paperwork involved for this operation, and this time he had to do it all by his lonesome, and since he didn't have anyone to corroborate his report, he had to do extra. Dammit, he should have drawn it out more, the bastard gave him another load of paperwork to fill out. And with that thought in his head, he walked.

Character Theme: What Doesn't Kill You- Kelly Clarkson

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PostSubject: Re: Ling Zhang   Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:24 pm

Hi there! I'll be giving your bio a good read and I'll reply once I've got a decision Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Ling Zhang   Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:20 am

Ok, so here's the situation. Your bio is good, but the issue is that you'd essentially be the only one playing in the HRL. I've tried to discourage people from joining other factions to build up one at a time.

So unless I post as NPC's and so forth, you may wind up self posting. That is unless the other players don't mind making alternate characters to keep you company, which I'm also ok with.

I just worry you'll either get bored or lonely being the only one in the HRL for the time being.

That said, I like what you've got though and provided you're ok with being the only HRL guy we have, I'm ok with allowing you to rp in them ahead of my own schedule Smile

To explain how our board will work, essentially we'll be exploring the 00 world episode by episode with certain key events altered or changed completely. Some may not be as clearly evident where others will certainly be more so.

Some Canon characters are still around, others aren't or have altered personalities because of changes in thier lives where others won't see an appearance at all.

So that said, strap in and enjoy the show. Oh, and you'll probably want to have Ling start on the Heavens Pillar High Orbital station for episode 1 Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Ling Zhang   

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Ling Zhang
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