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 Samuel Derringer (Blast Wing) (WIP)

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PostSubject: Samuel Derringer (Blast Wing) (WIP)   Mon May 28, 2012 11:02 am

Name: Samuel Derringer

Alias: None

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations

Nicknames: Blast Wing


Nationality: North America

Family: Asul "Airmaster" Derringer, Father, 53, Retired Union Officer
Kelsey Derringer, Mother, 49, Army Nurse (Not exactly sure what they're called)

Personality: Samuel is the type of soldier who doesn't take too kindly to following orders blindly. He likes to get as much information on his objective as possible, before he accepts it. If he believes that the objective, or mission as a whole, is distorted, then he will not accept it and will pass it off to the next in line. He has too much pride in his family name to allow it to be dirtied by him going through with a mission that his family would frown upon. Because of this, he is not liked by most of his superiors, and tends to get into trouble with them. When with his fellow comrades, Samuel tends to act as an older brother to the younger soldiers, and a friend to those around his age.

Mobile Units: (Optional) (If your character pilots a G/MS, MA, or SC)
Gundam/Mobile Suit: YMS-02 Union Blast

Mobile Armor: (Optional) (Same as above)
Support Craft: (Optional) (Same as above)

Special Characteristics: Samuel's left side of his body is covered in scars from when he crashed his first time flying a Union Realdo.

History/Background Story:

Rp Sample:

Character Theme: Me Against the World- Simple Plan
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Samuel Derringer (Blast Wing) (WIP)
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