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 Solitary Solace

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Solitary Solace

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Join date : 2010-02-09

PostSubject: Solitary Solace   Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:49 am

Name: ?

Alias: Solitary Solace

Age: ?

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Innovades

Nicknames: Null Wind (Zero Wind)


Nationality: Innovade

Family: ....

Personality: Solitary Solace is normlly calm and collected. Being a clone of Tieria/Regene and Ribbons has caused that. He will follow Ribbons' orders until he has died. He is known to kill innocent civilians for the pure fun of it. When going against Katharon or A-LAWS Mobile Suits, Solitary will use his folding arms and wield four submachineguns to maximize devestation. When attacking civilian areas, he will use his GN Mega Bazooka as well as the two cannons. Solitary is normally paired with Ali-Al Saache on missons but he prefers "lone wolf" missions.

Mobile Units:
Gundam/Mobile Suit: GNZ-666 Throne Null

Special Characteristics: Innovade, Ability to pilot a mobile suit or mobile armor with multiple appendages that are not on the human body.

History/Background Story: Created as a clone of Ribbons Almark and Regene Regetta, Solitary Solace was created before the 0 Gundam was built. Solitary was the chosen pilot of the 1 Gundam, though he never got the chance as he piloted the GN Cannon. He was present when the incident at Moralia occured, though just as an observer. He observed many of the battles thereon on the side of the HRL, AEU, and the Union. When the Throne Meisters were activated, Solitary took a liking to Nena Triniry, the only female meister.

When she assaulted the Halevy family wedding in Spain, he knew this girl was someone he'd like to fight alongside. However, when Johan and Michael were killed, Nena went missing. Solitary then decided to pilot one of the GN-Xs that were being used in the battle against the Gundams in the asteroid field in space. He almost killed Tieria, but he was shot down by Allelujah/Hallelujah in the GN-003 Kyrios Gundam. He retreated back into the depths of space, drifting all the way to the unfinished "Celestial Being" asteroid base.

Over the four year blank when Celestial Being stopped their interventions, he trained with Ribbons's new "pet", Ali-Al Saachez in prototype Gundams. While Ali used swift movements with no control, Solitary used controlled movements that revolved around him constantly staying out of melee range. This led to the development of the GNZ-666 Throne Null.

Character Theme: Rolling Star-Yui
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Neil "Lockon" Dylandy

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PostSubject: Re: Solitary Solace   Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:05 am


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Solitary Solace
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