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 Kazahara, Hayase aka Ezekial Stryfe [finished]

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PostSubject: Kazahara, Hayase aka Ezekial Stryfe [finished]   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:03 pm

Name: Kazahara, Hayase

Alias: Ezekial Stryfe

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Celestial Being(Fereshte)

Nicknames: Hime-Chan (people call him this as a joke because of his long hair)

Looks: Hayase has long blue hair. Hayase is 5’10”, 168lbs, with green eyes, and has a muscular build.

Nationality: Tokyo, Japan

(Father)- Kazahara, Jushiro-Deceased
(Mother)- Kazahara, Natsumi-Deceased
(Sibling/Sister)- Kazahara, Ayane(Aoi Stryfe)-Age: 19

Personality: Hayase has a laid back, friendly demeanor. He tends to try to stay calm and collected even in times of extreme stress. People find him very easy to talk too. Hayase has a large sense of honor and pride.

Mobile Suit: GN-0088 GNX-0088 Testament

Special Characteristics: Trained in the use of firearms and hand to hand combat.

History/Background Story:
Hayase was born into Celestial Being. His parents owned a small company that build labor mobile suits for mining. His parents used the money that the company brought in to help fund Celestial Beings efforts in preparing for their interventions. When Hayase was four years old the local military bought a controlling portion of his parent’s company. The military converted the companies factory into one that built combat mobile suits. Now unable to help fund Celestial Being. Hayase’s parents packed up their family and moved to the colony Krung Thep to assist in the creation of the gundams. At the age of 16 Hayase began extensive mobile suit combat training to prepare him for the task of being one of Celestial Being’s possible Gundam Meisters. During this time Hayase was a test pilot for the now decommissioned GN-088 Exile. Following that fall of the Meisters Hayase began working with the shadow group Fereshte under the name of Ezekial Stryfe.

Rp Sample:
Hayase sat at a table in the mass hall. He slowly toyed with the plate of noodles that laid before him. Hayase turned and began to stare out the near by window. His thoughts began to drift. His thoughts brought him to the first time he left earth. Hayase recalled how the shuttle shook violently as it exited the atmosphere and just when he thought the ship was going to shake it’s self apart it stopped and his favorite toy floated out of his hands and seemingly began to dance in the weightlessness of space. Hayase was suddenly ripped back to reality and the sound of emergency alarms rings. A women’s voice came of the ship’s comm system. “All hands battle stations, repeat all hands battle stations, this is not a drill.” Hayase jumped to his feet and began to run toward the mobile suit deck.

Character Theme: Linkin Park - "New Divide"

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PostSubject: Re: Kazahara, Hayase aka Ezekial Stryfe [finished]   Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:12 pm

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Kazahara, Hayase aka Ezekial Stryfe [finished]
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