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 Aden Williams WIP

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Aden Williams

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PostSubject: Aden Williams WIP   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:56 pm

Name: Aden Williams

Alias: The Golden man

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Kathron

Nicknames: North Star


Nationality: London, England, EU

Gundam/Mobile Suit:

History/Background Story: Aden Williams was born to the average EU family just going through a normal life. Aden was a normal kid nothing out of the ordinary or special. When Aden was eight, he started to become obsessed with Mobile Suit piloting simulators. By the time Celestial being emerged, Aden was 10; he could pilot the Flag like a champion. Of course, it was just a game so it was not as if he had any idea what piloting the real thing was like. When celestial being emerged, there was a scare amongst the government that they did not have enough pilots to handle this disaster.

Aden was swiped up in this scare. Government officials would go to the simulator tournaments and would take the champions into the military. Aden was a champion so he was taken to a military academy where they would accelerate his elementary learning, and put him through an extended basic training. Aden watched with eager eye’s at the events unfolding in the world due to the emergence of this peace seeking group which happened to do an awful lot of fighting. The means seemed to be hypocritical to the end, but civil disobedience had been long treated as a nuisance and not as a way to bring about change, or revolution.

Aden was intrigued if their method would work where all others had failed. Aden stayed in the academy though, he was happy about his possibilities to become a pilot now. Aden was confused where the three countries got the GN Tua drives, but he was happy that they had arrived when they did because the new gundams were causing a lot of havoc and pain. Aden began to miss the other gundams, and anger for Celestial being began to grow in his heart.

It was not long before celestial Being had been defeated and the ESF was formed. The military academy that Aden was attending became property of the A-laws, and once again, Aden stayed at the academy because he wanted to become a pilot. The GN-X where simple to pilot once you got the hang of it. When Cb emerged, again Aden was 15, and only had one more year to go before he graduated into a member of the A-Laws.

Aden watched with eager eyes at the events the Celestial being caused again, but this time he was confused, because they had already achieved for the majority world peace with the ESF. As the events, unfolded Aden became more and more remorseful about his decision to become a member of the A-laws, and after the large battle in space where many members of the military mutinied Aden left the academy. He went to the one group he was certain in his heart that was not corrupt, and that was kathron the Middle East based terriost group.

Aden would have joined Celestial being if that would have been an option for him, but it was not. How could anyone become a member of celestial being Aden was unsure? Of course when Aden joined kathron they looked up his history and tested his piloting skills do to the six years of training at the A-Law academy Aden had become an Ace Pilot. Aden was surprised when the leaders of kathron showed him the gundam they were working on. They also told him about the GN drive that they had retrieved.

The Middle East reached peace with itself, but not with the rest of the world. They formed the Middle East Coalition. Aden watched as a lot of the higher members in kathron became government officials, and left the group. Before the last leader left to become a member of the Coaltions legislative branch he brokered a deal to make kathron become a part of new coalition as the Military. Aden as an ace pilot rpse through the ranks to the point where he was the man in charge.

Rp Sample:Aden had been a foolish little boy indeed. Thinking that he could just march up to the minster and talk to him about his involvements with the group known as the Confederacy of Light. Aden had just left the group himself in a rather violent way attacking his partner on a mission rather than the target. Aden being one of the higher members knew of the Minster’s aid to the group, and of course all that did was land him a spot in Azkaban. Though on what grounds he was being kept here Aden had no idea.

The days were rather monotonous staring at the corners of gray cell, while the screams of the other prisoners racked Aden’s eardrums. Happiness was gone, almost like it had never happened. The Dementor’s were gone, but their effect on the prison was there all the same. The name Dementor was fitting they themselves were demented and twisted, and they furthered demented the people that were placed in their care, or in this case the people who had to feel their impression on the world around them.

Aden couldn’t tell if it was the effect of this place or the truth, but he could not find happy moments anymore. He never really had friends in the past. Aden had always been a loner, with the exception of the people in the confederacy. Those of course were lost now too after what he did to Matt, if Aden was to make it out of this, things would change he would be more aventourus and less critical of people mistakes. He would also avoid the ministry and the government he wouldn’t want to be an Auror anymore that was for sure perhaps a teacher. Of course those things could only happen if he made it out of here.

Aden kept having visions of himself with people that he had never met. He thought that maybe his gift was just going out of whack in this place, but the truth was he was seeing glimpses of what the Minster was doing while he was pretending to be Aden.
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PostSubject: Re: Aden Williams WIP   Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:20 pm

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Aden Williams WIP
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