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 Ethereal Dreamer

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PostSubject: Ethereal Dreamer   Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:47 pm

Name: Ethereal Dreamer

Alias: Violet Harris, Dawn Noel, Empyreal Clemency (current)

Age: 19 (appears)

Gender: Female (Female-based Innovade)

Side/Faction: Fereshte

Nicknames: N/A


Nationality: Classified

Family: N/A

Personality: Ethereal possesses a carefree attitude about most things but can’t stand people with large egos. She doesn’t often plan ahead or think of the consequences of her actions, causing others to believe she is brash which she herself agrees with. She also has a bad habit about gossiping about others behind their backs. However, Ethereal’s carefree attitude is not carried into the battlefield. She becomes very serious and concentrates on completing the object of the mission at hand, but not at the expense of others. If she can protect her friends, she will do her best too but will not be too hung up if she can’t or fails too. Unlike most of the Innovators, Ethereal accepts that she may die in battle to an ‘inferior’ or another Innovator and has come to terms with that matter. She no longer fears death but rather, embraces it.

Special Characteristics: Using base sequence pattern Type-1420, the supercomputer Veda created an artificial being specifically for combat who would become known as Ethereal Dreamer. As an Innovator, Ethereal possess several unique traits and abilities that make superior to the average human until late in 2312 when Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei undergoes ‘Innovation’. Not only is “she” stronger and more durable than the average human male, she also possess advanced intellect that allows her to learn at a faster pace, grasp the idea behind new concepts, and utilize this information in a productive (or unproductive) manner around her. However, the most unique of her features are from the nano-bots embedded throughout her body. By using both these nano-bots and GN particles as a median, Ethereal can telepathically contact and converse with other Innovators or Veda over extremely long distances and connect with false-solar furnace equipped mobile suits. Under extremely rare occasions, this ability can be stretched to contact other quantum brainwave users (like Super-Soldiers) but the Innovade cannot receive messages from their respondent. The nano-bots serve a second, more noticeable function; they eliminate the process of aging from the human parts of the body. If the body of an Innovator is damaged beyond repair, both their memories and personality can be saved by Veda and then uploaded into a new body a few hours later.

History/Background Story:

Base sequence pattern Type-1420. This is the base sequence pattern used to create the rare combat type Innovator known as Ethereal Dreamer. Her mission was to partake in the second and third stages of Aeolia Schenburg’s plan for humanity. The goal of this plan was to lead humanity into space and “make contact.” However, as fate would have it, Ethereal was activated ahead of schedule. The reasons for her activation remain a closely guarded secret and are known only Veda itself. Speculations from Celestial Being observers and other “Observer”-Class Innovators range from a malfunction in her cryo-chamber to that the progress of Aeolia’s plan needed to be sped up in order to compete with the proposed development of large orbital elevators to solve Earth’s power crisis. Neither of these hypotheses was correct. It was Veda itself that activated her because the Innovade’s unique skills were needed for a delicate phase in Aeolia’s plan – phase 0. Code-named Violet Harris, Ethereal found herself acting as an Observer in North America where she was sent to watch the advancing Union’s military. However, her main objective was the Union’s R&D branch that had been making breakthroughs that strayed from Aeolia’s plan.

Life as Violet Harris

As Violet Harris, Ethereal played a rather large role in the continued progress of phase 0. Although she started off as a mere secretary by displaying her advanced knowledge and ability to grasp new concepts she found herself as a Designer within two years, thanks to assistance from Veda. From here, she would play a much larger role in the success of Phase-0 and became vital for Phase-2 of Aeolia’s plan. By the time she was a Designer, the machine known as the Mobile Suit was still quite fragile and in its infancy stages. This error-ridden machine continued to cause problems in both development and electronics. Growing weary of these problems, world leaders began to take steps in cutting out these machines from their armies. In the Union’s case, the R&D branch would suffer extremely severe budget cuts that would force 80% of the employees to leave by free will or be forced from their jobs. The R&D branch would then be left without a significant work force or funds to continue operating. Thankfully, Veda had watched as things began to unfold and took a huge step to save several R&D departments across the globe and the concept of Mobile Suits. Ethereal, who originally joined to sabotage the newer developments was forced to change her plan, and with permission from Veda, enables the Union to create the first truly functional bipedal Mobile Suit line.

Her main contribution to this project was the advanced transforming systems found in Veda’s database. By 2306 the Union, as well as the AEU, would use of significantly improved versions of these systems. However, in the “Mobile Suits” infancy stages this was a revolutionary and unheard concept that would open the door for many new future innovations in the field. For example, the first machine that tested these transforming systems was no larger than the average human being was and used a simple transformation process. Despite this, the test was a complete success. For the next four years, Violet became hailed as a pioneer in the Union’s Mobile Suit research and development facilities as well as one of the only people who would lead the mobile suit out of its infancy. Unfortunately, because of her fame within the Union’s borders it made it difficult and nearly impossible for Veda to recall her due to the rapid progress being made by her ideas.

With no other option, Veda was forced to make use of Celestial Being’s spies and field agents to do its will. As Ethereal once again made another major breakthrough and was heading home from work, Veda abruptly contacted her through quantum brainwaves. This was not regular protocol when dealing with field agents but didn’t arouse Ethereal’s suspicions in the slightest. Through quantum brainwaves, she was directed to meet with an agent of Celestial Being in a shady area on the other side of town to receive new orders. Unbeknownst to her, this was a two-way communication system where Veda secretly copied her personality and memory files. Without hesitation, the Innovade carried out Veda’s will without question or suspicion. This would later prove to be a fatal mistake for Violet Harris. The area she waited in was dark and deserted once night set in, with only moon light illuminating the alley daintily. Unaware of her would be attacker, Ethereal patiently awaited the agent. This agent was in fact on the roof of a nearby building behind her, taking aim at her through the scope of his sniper rifle. The last thing she head before she crashed into the cold, wet pavement was a quiet bang.

Once the body was retrieved and “disposed” of as instructed to by Veda, the agent was left the final task of setting up the apartment Ethereal used as “Violet Harris” in a way that it would appear their had been a fight between Violet and her attacker. Veda made use of its biological database for this task: providing the agent with genetic materials (such as blood and fingerprints) from base sequence pattern types-1420 and -0821. The stage was set and Veda’s plan full proof. Within a few days, the local authorities were made aware of Union mobile suit designer Violet Harris’ disappearance. Arriving at the apartment, the authorities were met with the gruesome scene and convinced a struggle had taken place. However, no body was ever recovered and DNA collected at the crime scene showed two distinct people: Violet and her attacker. To add insult to injury, the Police Database had no information on genetic material pertaining to an Innovade of Type-0821. The military police even became involved. Despite the additional resources and manpower the authorities were up against an unstoppable, nearly invisible entity: the Veda supercomputer. Using its vast network of field agents, spies and sleeper agents, Veda put a stop to all possible leads that ever arose. With no one to pin the murder on, the military was quick to call military sabotage with blame placed on either the Advanced European Union, or Human Reform League that had fallen nearly a dozen years behind from where they once were in mobile suit production thanks to Violet’s contributions. This put strain on relationships between all three superpowers, later shown and escalated in years to come. It was later discovered that on the eve of the murder, the Union’s R&D branch had suffered both several malfunctions and encountered technical difficulties, which caused their system to crash. Restoration of the files was relatively complex and it was discovered large portions were modified, deleted or corrupted. All files on Violet Harris and her ideas were either deleted or damaged beyond repair. Thus, she became less and less talked about until her reputation as an early mobile suit pioneer faded into the background; almost as if she never existed.

Life as Dawn Noel

After many decades, Veda once again found itself in need of base-sequence pattern type-1420, Ethereal Dreamer. Having created a spare body only hours after the original was disposed of Veda was left with the simple task of uploading Ethereal’s personality into her new and improved body. However, Veda refrained from uploading her memories as Violet Harris, predicting that the rare combat type Innovade may rebel, ruin Aeolia’s plan and take control of the supercomputer out of revenge for the brash action taken. This time, instead of being awakened by Veda, the Innovade Ai Sakura awoke Ethereal for a special mission. Emerging from her cryo-chamber, Ethereal was totally oblivious of her previous life as Violet and was under the impression that the second phase of Aeolia Schenburg’s plan was nearing its end. She was quickly disappointed and angered that she was being activated by another Combat Class Innovade for a mission. When discovering whom it was that activated her, Ethereal’s mood quickly changed and secretly became ‘touched’ that one of the first combat Innovades had need of her abilities. Codenamed Dawn Noel, Ethereal found herself now acting as a soldier in the Advanced European Union during the sixth solar war with orders only to report to Ai Sakura after every mission.

During this war, the Advanced European Union found itself outmatched by both the Union’s technology and Human Reform League’s numbers. Assigned to the east front for the duration of the war, Dawn was finally doing what she was made too – fight in a mobile suit. As a Lieutenant in the military, she was assigned a Hellion Medium and a rare Agrissa Type 10. Using both her advanced knowledge and skills as a pilot the Agrissa Type 10 became an extremely lethal weapon of war. In her hands, this suit quickly made the most kills in her squad. Within a few weeks on the eastern front, Dawn’s kill ratio matched some of the veteran and ace pilots who had been fighting the war for months. A common tactic employed by Dawn and Veda was a four-step plan. The first step was to barrage a squad of Tierens with jamming shells. Secondly, the Agrissa would then confront the squad from behind and capture them underneath the body. The third step was to activate the plasma field and electrocute the pilots to death. Lastly, any remaining Tierens within firing range were picked off by the large 180mm linear cannon.

In the final few months of the 6th solar war, the Human Reform League had suffered such heavy losses that they were losing ground almost daily in due part to Dawn’s Agrissa Type 10 and all the other Agrissa models now fielded by the AEU and put into the hands of ace pilots. However, fate would once again deal Ethereal Dreamer a bad hand. With the war finally nearing its end, Veda once again needed to recall her for a new mission. This time she was to aid in construction and test pilot the first batch of Celestial Being’s Gundam units in the hands of Krung Thep. Yet again, the supercomputer was faced with the dilemma of recalling Ethereal due to her growing fame. Refusing to destroy another perfectly good Innovade body Veda made a risky decision and assigned Ribbons Almark to carry out its will while also testing out the still incomplete 0 Gundam. Intercepting new orders being sent to Dawn’s squad by high command, the supercomputer easily deleted and replaced them before sending them out once again. These new orders separated Dawn from the rest of her squad making it easy to retrieve her without any problems arising.

On the day of the mission, Veda made direct contact with Ethereal via quantum brain waves explaining the delicate mission to her and repercussions if it wasn’t carried out perfectly. She understood the consequences and was willing to carry out the orders given to her perfectly. Launching, the battalion broke up into three groups composed of two squads of four and the Agrissa going solo. Separated from the other mobile suits by a good few miles, Dawn made her way to the target destination where she was confronted by the still incomplete 0 Gundam. Without even a struggle, she ejected her Hellion Medium from the main body as the 0 Gundam blew two holes into the machine with its prototype beam rifle. Exploding in a brilliant flash of grey and pink the only thing that remained were large bits and pieces of the once deadly mobile armor. Leaving the smoldering wreck untouched, it would serve as false evidence she had been defeated by a squad of Tieren Anti-Aircraft Type said to be within the vicinity in the new orders. Cutting all communications with the AEU, Ethereal tailed the 0 Gundam whose GN particles masked both itself and the Hellion Medium from radar.

Coming upon the wreck a few hours later, the members of her squad were in shock. The Agrissa Type-10 was destroyed and Dawn was nowhere to be seen. Once word of the loss and false orders reached high command, a full military investigation was launched. Over the next few months, the Advanced European Union’s military tried to discover what had happened but always met a dead end thanks to Veda and its field agents working undercover in the department heading the investigation. Bitter and unwilling to admit the Human Reform League had sabotaged them, the AEU discreetly deleted all data pertaining to Dawn Noel in the military’s data bank and closed the file on the case. It remains cold to this very day (2312).

Life as Ethereal Dreamer (cont)

Arriving at a hidden Krung Thep base, Ethereal quickly disposed of her Hellion Medium in order not to tip off any satellite that could track the Mobile Suit to the base. Not wasting any time, Ethereal left the Earth via the Union’s nearly completed orbital elevator and ventured to space where she met up with another Celestial Being operative who covertly transported her to Lagrange Point 3. In this asteroid filled section of space most means of detection like sensors and sight were unable to make accurate readings or see deep into the asteroid belt. This made it the perfect place for a hidden mobile suit construction facility for the 2nd generation of Gundam units. During the next four years, Ethereal worked as an undercover Innovator in the Krung Thep mobile suit construction facility pitching in when needed but most of the time she operated as an “Observer”-Class Innovator, serving as Veda’s eyes at the progress being made. Similar to her life as “Violet Harris,” Ethereal once again pulled the old mobile suit transformation systems in Veda’s database and with a few modifications offered them to the head designers for use in a transformable Gundam that up until that point had only been a concept. Inputting this system into a simulator, it proved to be successful but still needed heavy refinements before the Gundam would be constructed. Within a year of the proposed transforming system being used, the Gundam later known as Abulhool was half completed.

Days after all four of the second stage Celestial Being Gundams were completed, Ethereal was left the task of test piloting two of the four machines. As a test pilot, Veda endowed her with the title of Gundam Meister 852, which would later save her life. In possession of both the proper title and skills, Ethereal gladly began her potentially life-threatening job of test piloting the GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool and GNY-004 Gundam Plutone. During both test runs and test battles, Gundam Abulhool performed magnificently in all regards; however, the same could not be said for the Plutone. During trial runs, both the prototype Trial System and prototype GN Field Barrier nearly caused the Gundam to explode and take the whole design crew with it. After both tests, all personnel had to evacuate to a designated “safe zone” until all the lethal particles had been vented into space or until all the technical problems were fixed. Frustrated at the technical difficulties arising from the Plutone, Krung Thep designers were about to deem the Gundam a complete failure but were forbidden to do so by Veda itself. Undergoing many refits and tuning over the next month a good 50% of the original problems had been ironed out. The Trial System overall no longer caused the Plutone to nearly explode when activated but the GN Field Barrier continued to be an issue. The vents in the Gundam’s armor could never condense the particles into a sphere or release the right amount of particles. This eventually led the barrier to simply break apart after a few seconds and send a lethal wave of GN particles through the unvented hangar.

Years later, this system would be perfected on the GN-005 Virtue and GN-009 Seravee but Ethereal would not see it during her career as a test pilot. Once the Trial System was a success, Veda deemed the Plutone as within safety parameters and quickly assigned all four Gundams to an elite group of Krung Thep pilots. No longer needing her combat skills, Veda recalled Ethereal Dreamer to her cryo-chamber with the expectation she would slumber for the next half a century when Phase-2 of Aeolia Schenburg’s plan was estimated to near its end. However, since Ethereal was granted the title of Gundam Meister her body was stowed away in a secret base, away from her fellow combat-class Innovators. This location remained a closely guarded secret with the only person aware of its existence being Ai Sakura. As a precaution when Ribbons Almark started taking over Veda, Ai Sakura made a discreet visit to the secret facility, leaving behind a small vessel and reprogramming her cryo-chamber to unlock early should Veda become compromised. Laying in slumber, Ethereal had no knowledge of the events transpiring around her. When Ribbons Almark finally took control of Veda, killing Aeolia Schenburg in the process, the cryo-chamber Ethereal was in burst open and a final message from the old was broadcast through the facility, stating that all information regarding all current and old Meisters had been erased. Within seconds of the announcement, all information on Ethereal Dreamer and her location was wiped from Veda’s very core.

Emerging from her chamber dazed, Ethereal soon found herself on the floor writhing in pain within seconds as memories from her life as Violet Harris came rushing back. Paralyzed by pain she eventually passed out. Awaking a few hours later, the Innovator found herself clutched by anger and hate directed towards Veda and the hacker who took over. Walking over to her cryo-chamber Ethereal entered a series of codes into the machine that outlined the reason for why she was awoken early and who had done it. Discovering the familiar name of the woman who had awoken her, Ethereal found herself promising to find and aid Celestial Being in reclaiming the rogue supercomputer. Taking the small vessel left for her, Ethereal departed from the asteroid facility and from the shadows watched as the U.N defeated Celestial Being and created the A-laws. Having lost her part in Aeolia’s plan for humanity, Ethereal was stranded without a goal and forced to find Celestial Being’s support organization, Fereshte. Calling in favors from old colleagues and through research, she managed to pinpoint the exact location of Krung Thep’s Earth base after two years. Using the same vessel given to her by the now dead Ai Sakura, Ethereal traveled across the Advanced European Union’s old east front with the Human Reform League as she had during the sixth solar war. Arriving at the base, she was greeted by armed soldiers and an old Hellion Medium within its confines. After an extensive background check, Ethereal’s status as a Meister was confirmed and she was immediately assigned a series of new tasks to keep the undermanned facility running. From her new station, she observed the progress of Celestial Being’s rebirth and patiently waited to get a piece of the action while continuing her search for Veda’s hacker.

Life after the final battle

Serving as an undercover operator for the next 6 years, Ethereal Dreamer has played only a minor role in supporting Celestial Being but continues to try her best even with the organization in disarray and in need of funds. With the emergence of the new Gundam units and the reformation of the A-LAWS into the Arrows organization, Ethereal hopes to finally get a chance to prove her worth in the upcoming battles.

RP Sample:

“All personnel have been successfully evacuated from the hangar. Ethereal, begin commencing the test at your discretion. Hopefully it will work this time….”

Sitting in the dark confines of her cockpit, a young woman appearing no older than 19 years of age couldn’t help but smile at the elder man’s remark. It would be the third in a week she ran this exact same test: the fifth in total. Slowly reaching forward the young woman grabbed two of the controls and used them to pull herself straight up. Gently laying her head against the pilot chair the bright red light from the retina scanner pierced through her green colored flight suit’s visor and scanned her now bright, glowing, yellow eyes. Confirming that it was the right Meister at its controls the white mobile suit slowly came to life. Ahead of her, the main monitor lit up, bathing the cockpit in a dim blue light before the Celestial Being logo graced the screen. Within a second the main monitor and the glass panel on each side of her head flashed to life in a frenzy of color and light; taking the form of everything and everyone around the Gundam.

“Ethereal Dreamer, commencing GN particle distribution. Five seconds remain until particles begin condensing”

Slowly sliding forward four yellow vents on the Plutone’s arms and legs began to release a jet of green and white particles around the main body. Beginning to form a sphere around itself, Ethereal immediately concentrated all her attention on a smaller monitor outlining the progress of each vent and the condensation levels. On the opposite side lay another less important monitor that acted as a timer for both the GN Field Barrier’s generation and its longevity. Slowly synchronizing to 50%, all four vents detailed on the display continued upon an identical rate of climb. It had been almost 15 seconds now, 5 seconds longer than the previous two tests. Maybe it would finally work out this time; however, it was not to be. Almost half a second after the optimistic thought, the distribution of the particles fluctuated, causing all four vents to begin climbing at different rates, skyrocketing and one even sunk below 0%. Letting out a depressed sigh through her partially closed mouth, Ethereal waited for the test to finally fail in a moment’s time. With a large flash, the barrier broke apart and released a noxious and potentially lethal wave of GN particles coursing throughout the confined room.

“What happened?! The test was going perfectly until we reached 15.4 seconds. I actually thought we finally perfected the system.”

“Synchronization of all four vents reached 70% before fluctuating. After that two of the vents synchronization rate skyrocketed, one slowly climbed at the rate programmed while the last one plummeted below zero. And as much I hate to admit it, I hoped and actually thought it was going to work out today. Slumping in the pilot chair, the young woman’s normal enthusiasm was replaced by depression and despair. At the slow rate of progress they were making she wouldn’t see the completion of the GN Field Barrier. “Please, if you haven’t, just begin venting the hangar. I don’t want to be cramped inside these four metal walls longer than I have too.”

With that, two large metal doors protecting the hangar were pulled apart, allowing the cloud of GN particles to be blown out into the vastness of space, never to be seen again.

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Approved, very good work.
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Ethereal Dreamer
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