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 Akki Tamashii (done?)

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PostSubject: Akki Tamashii (done?)   Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:25 pm

Name: Surviving Hellstorm

Alias: Akki Tamashii

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Side/Faction: Celestial Being (Secretly an Innovator agent)

Nicknames: The White Rose



Nationality: Union(Japanese)

Family: No known family, nor does she recall any family members. However she is a distant relative of the Trinity Siblings. She was created in a lab by Ribbons Almark, in his human-innovade testing.

Though obviously a woman, Akki insists that she is a boy, even going as far as to speak, walk and adopt the mannerisms of a boy (She is also bi-sexual). At times she can act like a girl, however she will usually immediately follow up by asking to forget what she had just said. Akki's emotions depend on the current situation but she seems to have in interest in the workings of GN and Mobile Weapon technology.

Special Characteristics:
Though not official, Akki has a knack for tinkering with machinery and improving them. She desires to assist the Ptolemy crew in any way she can, often times insisting that she work along side Lasse in piloting the Ptolemaios II and it's weapons. Akki is light footed and is capable of sneaking through places with out being noticed, making her an excellent spy. She also has limited control over her quantum brainwaves.

History/Background Story:
Created in a lab by Ribbons Almark in his experiments to create a human-innovade. Due to this she is related to the Trinity siblings. After being released into the world, she lived in Japan for the longest time. She lived alone, but was frequently visited by two young men. The three of them were long time friends up until the eldest one left, followed by his brother soon after.

During her years alone, Akki found out the two men had become mercenaries. She decided to seek them out by become a spy. So, she travelled the world searching them out, until she encountered the youngest of the two brothers. The two stayed together for a while, until unforeseen circumstances led to the pair being separated again.

Akki was later drafted into Celestial Being through the help of Wang Liu Mei. She stayed at an asteroid facility up until the Pltolemy and her crew reappeared to once more change the world. Akki trained to be a mechanic, as well as a Celestial Being field spy. Currently she is aboard the Ptolemy, not that anyone has take notice of her, yet

Rp Sample:
Quote :
Akki sat covered by her hooded cloak in the corner looking at her feet. She had been sitting alone in her dark room for two days now. She had not left the room for any reason. Akki simply waited in her room as if someone was supposed to come in and fetch her.

The door suddenly opened, a black haired Chinese woman stepped in with a tall Chinese man following behind her. They approached the lump sitting on the floor that was Akki. The man whispered to the woman.

"Mistress, do you think she is sulking?" He asked. Before the woman could repsond, Akki jumped up and sucker punched the man.

"HELL NO! WHY THE HECK WOULD A DUDE LIKE BE SITTING AROUND CRYIN'?!" Akki exclaimed excitedly. Hong Long took a moment to recover from the attack. Wang Lui Mei then interjected.

"I believe you are mistaken Ms Tamashii. You are a --" Before Lui Mei could finish Akki was prepped to attack again.

"Say 'girl' and I'll kill your man-servent, lady." She threatened. Hong Long was prepared to protect Wang Liu Mei, but she simply ignored what was happening and continued.

"Anyway. We have come to take you to the Krung Thep Training facility." She finished, extending her hand to Akki as if to say 'Take my hand and We can go'.

Akki relaxed herself and took hold of Lui Mei. She didn't really trust her, but it was the only way to get into this Celestial Being that had appeared all those years ago. The trio exited the room one by one and made their way outside, where a VTOL aircraft was waiting for them. Akki took one last look at the island hideout she had been living on. The azure blue evening sky painted by the clouds of several hues was somewhat relaxing, yet unfamiliar to her.

Character Theme:
Somwhere I Belong - Linkin Park
Young - Hollywood Undead
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Aden Williams

Posts : 21
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PostSubject: Re: Akki Tamashii (done?)   Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:00 pm

what is her job on the Ptolemy? just for me other wise
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PostSubject: Re: Akki Tamashii (done?)   Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:15 pm

Did I not mention Mechanic? it should be there somewhere

The End justiFAIZ the means

Now at 1/4 of former power
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Aden Williams

Posts : 21
Join date : 2010-02-16

PostSubject: Re: Akki Tamashii (done?)   Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:15 pm

you did but i wasn't sure if it was official
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PostSubject: Re: Akki Tamashii (done?)   

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Akki Tamashii (done?)
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